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How to Fix Fashion Failures

If only I had a dollar for every time I saw someone and thought “What the hell were they thinking when they put that on?” I’d probably have enough money to pay for college, but unfortunately I am not rewarded for the fashion crimes of others. Because I have seen a plethora of bad fashion strutting the streets of Kent and I’m a total sucker for TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” I figured I’d take it upon myself to try and right some of these wrongs. I may not be a style expert like Stacy London and Clinton Kelly but I’ve seen enough of their show to know when something looks like a total train wreck. Although our eyes are being punished we can always learn from the mistakes of others.

Our first fashion mission:

Girls- Leggings

Guys- Going shirtless in public

Leggings are back from the 80s and trust me they ain’t what they used to be. Done right leggings can add flair to any outfit but before you buy a pair in every color there are a few rules to keep in mind.

Do pair leggings with extra long top, sweaters and tunics.
Don’t wear leggings with a shirt unless it is long enough to cover your behind. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.



Do wear with a mini dress. Leggings are a great way to wear a dress or skirt that is too short to wear otherwise.

Don’t wear a dress that comes past your thighs with leggings you don’t want to make your legs look short and stumpy.

DO :]


Do wear with flats, pumps or boots.

Don’t wear with dirty old sneakers unless you want to look like you’re 14. Also, avoid any shoes that make you look like a street walker.



Do pair with a mini skirt.
Don’t wear a tight fitting top. A loose fitting top will work better with silhouetted  legs.



One more point, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! If you have ever worn a pair of leggings as pants and you weren’t going to dance class or aerobics(and be honest with yourself) I want you to take a moment, slap yourself on the wrist and bow your head in shame.

If you are still lost you can find some example outfits here.

Or for more rules go here.

Now it’s your turn boys!  OK so I know it’s summer and it tends to be a bit toasty  but I think it is necessary to discuss when it is and is not appropriate to go topless in public.  I work at a flea market and trust me I see more than my fair share of shirtless dudes every Sunday. Personally I see no reason to not wear the proper amount of clothing regardless of the temperature when in public (tucking  it  in the butt crack of your pants or slinging it over your shoulder doesn’t count…that just shows that you  do have a shirt and should be wearing it).

Here are a few examples of how uncool it looks.

blog pics 002 blog pics 009blog pics 008blog pics 013blog pics 012

So when is it appropriate to go shirtless you ask? CLICK to find out :] My personal favorite is “Stanch the bleeding of a dying man.”

Moral of the story is 9 times out of 10 you should probably be wearing a shirt.


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